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Viagra prescription Not much Mets on field news today as we await the official opening of camp tomorrow with pitchers and catcher ready to check in, viagra prescription but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any off field Mets news.

Viagra prescription Mike Piazza has written a book with Lonnie Wheeler called Long Shot (Simon & Shuster) which I hope to get my hands on tomorrow. Viagra prescription But before the book drops, viagra prescription there have been some excerpts of what to expect in this tome that I can guarantee won’t come close to approaching R.A. Viagra prescription Dickey’s book in both substance and style. Viagra prescription If the excerpts I read this morning with my bagel and coffee are any example I hope I don’t get whiplash from all the head shaking I’m anticipating while reading Long Shot. Viagra prescription You know what? That’s really not fair, viagra prescription I should hold final judgment until I read the complete work but still there are some things I’ve read so far that made me take notice.

Viagra prescription Piazza is still haunted by Roger Clemens and the night he took one Clemens fastballs off the side of his head.

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Viagra prescription Piazza talks about taking karate lessons after the beaning with the premeditated thinking of confronting Clemens if or when he faced him again. Viagra prescription That time came just about three months later in Game Two of the World Series when Clemens threw the barrel of a shattered bat at Piazza who did turn and walked toward Clemens but as he said:

Viagra prescription “There were complications, viagra prescription” he ( Piazza) recalls. Viagra prescription “The least of them was the realization that Clemens was a big guy, viagra prescription and I stood a pretty fair chance of getting my ass kicked in front of Yankee Stadium and the world. Viagra prescription That was a legitimate concern.”

Viagra prescription Maybe in the book Piazza goes into more detail and at least using getting tossed out a World Series game and possible suspension of another game in the series as reason for not charge at Clemens because turning tail fearing an ass kicking is mighty weak.

Viagra prescription It seems not only was Piazza intimidated by big powerful pitchers he also got smacked around by ex-girlfriends as well:

Viagra prescription One of his best-known girlfriends was Debbe Dunning, viagra prescription the actress who played the “Tool Time” girl on the hit comedy “Home Improvement.” One Halloween night when Dunning came over with a pumpkin and her dog, viagra prescription Piazza decided to break off the relationship.

Viagra prescription There was screaming and crying and then the Tool Time girl waffled my ass, viagra prescription” he recalled. Viagra prescription “I hadn’t taken a punch like that in a long time.”

Viagra prescription WOW!

Viagra prescription Piazza speaks about taking androstenedione and of course everyone’s skirts go up in the air when they hear this. Viagra prescription This morning on WFAN, viagra prescription Richard Neer was all up in arms over this revelation and in his ranting over this proclamation by Piazza failed to remember (I could see him falling asleep listening to his own voice) that Andro was both legal  to use in MLB and was sold over the counter at health and nutrition  stores like GNC. Viagra prescription This never occurred to Neer who acted like he was Bobby Goren cracking a Major Case.

Viagra prescription Piazza also fesses up to taking amphetamines which puts him a class with over three-quarters of those enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Viagra prescription Piazza also states that he needed to grab some Vioxx on those days when the grind of squatting behind the plate was taking its toll. Viagra prescription Vioxx, viagra prescription, viagra prescription a powerful anti-inflammatory has since been banned in the U.S. Viagra prescription due to the bad side effects from the drug, viagra prescription the most harsh being death.

Viagra prescription The excerpt goes on about the stories of Piazza’s sexuality and his rough relationship with Latin teammates, viagra prescription which will be more strained after the read his quotes about “Latin’s should learn English and not be as pampered as they are by MLB teams” and the “Latin Mafia” that had it in for him. Viagra prescription Safe to say a managerial or coaching spot in pro baseball is not in the cards for Piazza.

Viagra prescription Again I shouldn’t pass judgment on the book until I read it, viagra prescription I just pray it’s better than this book which may be the worst written book of all time

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Viagra with no prescription With the report yesterday that the Mets will construct an 8 ft wall in front of the 16 ft Great Wall of Flushing in left field and the more dramatic change in right center field where the Mo’ Zone little alley way will be no more and the distance from home plate to right center field goes from 415 ft to 390 ft tells me unless he is bowled over with a huge return, viagra with no prescription David Wright will be a Met in 2012 and most likely beyond that.

Viagra with no prescription Not only have the dimensions of Citi Field been altered for the benefit of Wright but they should aslo help Jason Bay as well as both he and Wright have been traumatized by the fly balls to nowhere in Citi Field. Viagra with no prescription I guess you could call it psychotherapy through carpentry.

Viagra with no prescription The Mets announced they have released Ryota Igarashi. Viagra with no prescription This move is about six months too late.

Viagra with no prescription A lot of talk about Albert Pujols not talking to the media after Game 2 of the World Series, viagra with no prescription a game where El Hombre made what could have been scored an error, viagra with no prescription allowing what proved to be the winning run to advance to 2nd base. Viagra with no prescription There were some folks on Twitter that felt it was no big deal that Pujols not only blew off the press by not being at his locker to answer questions but hid in the back of the off limits section of clubhouse until they were gone. Viagra with no prescription  As a baseball fan how could you not be insulted by Pujols action? This wasn’t some game in August against the Astros, viagra with no prescription this was Game 2 of the World Series. Viagra with no prescription Of course Tony La Russa had Pujols back he always does right or wrong but someone in the Cardinals organization needs to let Sir Albert know he has a responsibility to speak to the media after a World Series game. Viagra with no prescription  What they’re afraid of that he’ll sign elsewhere as a free agent?  Pujols is better off in St Louis or another small market as he would never survive in NY, viagra with no prescription Boston, viagra with no prescription Chicago or LA

Viagra with no prescription I hope the Jose Reyes saga plays out fast instead of the slow festering ache I believe it will. Viagra with no prescription I have come to grips with the fact that Jose Reyes will be an former Met in 2012. Viagra with no prescription Just read this post from Howard Megdal who knows exactly how the organization is ready to play out the Reyes Passion Play. Viagra with no prescription Oh by the way, viagra with no prescription Reyes, viagra with no prescription no Reyes I will still but tickets to Mets games in 2012 and hopefully beyond that, viagra with no prescription and please when Reyes signs with the Nationals or Angels or Red Sox please don’t compare this to Tom Seaver getting traded to the Reds, viagra with no prescription that is too fucking ignorant for me to comment.

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Cialis diarrhea   13 days until pitchers and catchers

Cialis diarrhea Last night’s hour long PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL show, cialis diarrhea went by in a flash thanks our own Yankee-Doodle, cialis diarrhea Michael calling in and Matt Silverman coming on to talk about the ’69 Mets. Cialis diarrhea Some of the topics I wanted to get to in the opening of the show got pushed back as I went on a bit of a Fernando Martinez rant, cialis diarrhea so I guess I’ll touch on those here.

Cialis diarrhea By the way I got to see F-Mart’s AB last night with the bases loaded and two out in the Dominican Republic v. Cialis diarrhea Venezuela Caribbean World Series game. Cialis diarrhea Martinez did not get a hit in the AB but it was an impressive turn at the plate that lasted 10 pitches until he hit a foul pop that was caught by the Venezuelan right fielder.

Cialis diarrhea I’m not anti-Fernando in any way; I just want the kid to stop acing like he’s a 27 year old journeyman who has never gotten a chance and be the 20 year old who plays so well this spring that he beats out Angel Pagan to be Carlos Beltran’s understudy.

Cialis diarrhea Looks like me and Orlando Hudson have something in common; we both will never play second base for the Mets. So after all the debate about second base for the Mets what’s done is done, cialis diarrhea Luis Castillo is the Mets second baseman for better or worse till death due us part (or until Reese Havens can prove he can play at the big league level) for 2010.

Cialis diarrhea What is the under/over on how many times Gary Cohen or Howie Rose say “Just out of the reach of Castillo, cialis diarrhea for a base hit” this season? Let’s set the number at 75.

Cialis diarrhea The last place in the world I thought I’d ever see the name Municipal Credit Union would be on a ball park marquee.  I wonder if those of us with accounts at MCU will get a discount on Cyclones tickets.

Cialis diarrhea I’m very happy for Nelly Figs and his great performance the other day for DR in the Caribbean Series but it wasn’t like he was pitching against the Phillies or Highlanders, cialis diarrhea it was against Mexico and 45 year old  270 lb Vinny Castila, cialis diarrhea The Big Fajita!

Cialis diarrhea Maybe things are not as bleak for the Mets as we think. Cialis diarrhea FOX has the Amazin’s scheduled for broadcast 8 times this coming season and one of the games is a prime timer versus the Bronx Bastards.

Cialis diarrhea Maple Street Press is coming out with it’s Mets Annual in a few weeks and there will be a section on the Mets Blogosphere, cialis diarrhea that will include yours truly.

Cialis diarrhea Matt Silverman is putting out a revised paperback version of his book “100 Things Mets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” 

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Cialis diarrhea Trying hard to put up a post today as I replay a tough loss over and over in my mind, cialis diarrhea no not the All Star Game, cialis diarrhea I gave up on that at 10PM when RESCUE ME came on, cialis diarrhea no I’m talking about my Babe Ruth team losing 8-0 to the top seed last night.

Cialis diarrhea Don’t let the score fool you it was a closer game than that. Cialis diarrhea We had one bad inning (the 3rd) letting in 4 runs on a couple of errors and a some solid base hits. Cialis diarrhea But the biggest obstacle was the pitcher we were facing a 13 year old with a big time yellow hammer that buckled my guys knees. Cialis diarrhea We could only muster two hits on the night and three base runners total (my son accounting for two of the base runners with a walk, cialis diarrhea reaching first on a strike out/passed ball and two stolen bases) and now we face an elimination game on Sunday. Cialis diarrhea Not much to say to the kids but “Hang with ‘em.

Cialis diarrhea After the game we went home to watch the All Star Game and the first thing my son told me was “Dad, cialis diarrhea let’s get all the when I was a kid stuff out early so we can just watch the game” I guess like how the All Star Game was played during the day and how the two leagues played the game like it was a World Series game and how the NL had all the stars and always won and because of that the AL couldn’t draw fans so they sullied the sport with the DH, cialis diarrhea and how I miss Curt Gowdy calling the big games and that’s when I get the hand and “that’s enough old timer” and I quiet down.

Cialis diarrhea I was listening to Joe (Bada Bing Bada Boom) Beningno and Evan Roberts yesterday and I agree with Joe that there is so much baseball available for us to watch that the All Star Game is no big deal, cialis diarrhea as it used to be a chance for fans to see players they never get to see much but with the Extra Innings package and ESPN and MLB Network and Mets and Highlander games on every night there isn’t a team or a player I haven’t seen add in that there is no more rivalry between the NL and AL with so much player movement and the fact that both leagues are not run as separate entities (remember when there were League Presidents ?) That has made the All Star Game hum drum.

Cialis diarrhea Admit it you were hoping that President Obama would have brought Artie Lang with him to the game to hang with Doofus Joe Buck. Cialis diarrhea Now that would have been riveting TV.

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If you missed last night’s edition of Pro Baseball Central you missed a spirited discussion by Joe McDonald and I over the issued of re-signing Oliver Perez (Joe’s guy) over signing Derek Lowe (my guy) after going back and forth on the issued Joe played the Tom Glavine card that had me reassessing my opinion. When was viagra discovered We also looked at the Skill Sets finances and spoke about J J Putz. When was viagra discovered So check out the podcast for more entertaining baseball talk.


Greg Prince at Faith and Fear in Flushing has been checking out a sneak preview of the MLB Network which goes live Jan 1. When was viagra discovered From reading the site there looks to be some fine programming on the channel plus the WBC and there will be live games during the season and the lovely Hazel Mae in studio.


Story in NEWSDAY today about the unknown of the nation rescission and its effect on the Mets and Highlanders and are they rescission proof? Andrew Zimbalist the noted economist believes both teams are in a dangerous territory and I agree as what fuels both teams are the high rollers on Wall St who are either broke or ready to be indicated. When was viagra discovered The story also looks at the real baseball fans like us who work hard and like to spend our discretionary funds on our favorite baseball team but the Mets have to be very careful as not to price out the hard core workingman Mets fan as that and not the Madoff scam will be the ruinations of the franchise.


On this day in Mets history, when was viagra discovered remember 1986 World Series Game 6 parachutist Michael Sergio? He was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and fined $500 for his stunt. When was viagra discovered Try that today and I’m sure you’d get a stiffer sentence.


Metsblog has a breakdown on the stories of the pitchers who the Mets have interest in. From the looks of things Omar’s pitching wish list looks like this:


  1. Derek Lowe
  2. Ollie Perez
  3. Randy Wolf (who needs to get over his 3yr/$30mil asking price)
  4. Tim Redding
  5. An assortment of non-tender, when was viagra discovered rehabbing stumblebums.


I’m on the Derek Lowe bandwagon with his sinking fastball and slider that fits the Mets need perfectly. When was viagra discovered He is durable and consistency and even at 36 years old I’d offer him 3 yrs/$50 mil with an option on a 4th

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Directions for viagra use I’ll watch it and you may watch as well but really other than Phillies fans and Rays fans does anyone care about the World Series anymore? Has MLB under the bumbling Used Car Salesman and the worst television network on earth FOX destroyed what was once the crown jewel of  American sports?

Directions for viagra use  

Directions for viagra use Forget about whether kids are watching or care about the Series an unscientific poll of my 13 year old and his friends will tell you they not only haven’t watched a single pitch they are more concerned about their up coming basketball season and the Friday Halloween Dance. Directions for viagra use It’s not that they are not baseball fans as out of 15 boys in my sons class 12 play organized baseball and they are all die-hard Mets or Highlander fans but when you have homework and practice for whatever sport is in season but the time 8:45 or 9:00pm rolls around your looking at some serious sleep time.

Directions for viagra use  

Directions for viagra use I not a big fan of Bob Raisman but he did lay out today in the NY Daily News all that is wrong with MLB taking Rupert Murdoch’s billions and selling it s soul to FOX. Directions for viagra use There is no reason in the world that the World Series shouldn’t begin at 7:30pm East Coast Time. Directions for viagra use First off, directions for viagra use no network should put on a pre game show for any sport. Directions for viagra use In this day and age by the time first pitch, directions for viagra use kick off, directions for viagra use tip off or face off comes around fans are well versed in what’s in store for that nights game. Directions for viagra use Do you think I rely on Jeanie Zelasko for my baseball information HA! HA!

Directions for viagra use  

Directions for viagra use It not just kids who are not following the World Series it’s adults as well. Directions for viagra use Every morning when I come in to work my co-workers ask me who won and what were the highlights as out six or seven guys that want to know none of them have watched one pitch of this series. Directions for viagra use Most of it is no Mets or Highlanders but even without the locals in it they all tell me the same thing, directions for viagra use the game is on too late and they’re not staying up until midnight to watch it.

Directions for viagra use  

Directions for viagra use You would have to think that someone in MLB has to have at least a sliver of common sense and is reading and listening to the fans (have you heard  anyone say the y LIKE the late starts and early morning finishes of these games? I didn’t think so) and bring it to the attention of the Used Car Salesman. Directions for viagra use If the Mets were to announce that all night home games were going to start at 8:45 PM how many games would you go to? Figure three hours minimum for a game so you’d get out of the ball park at quarter to midnight, directions for viagra use then by the time you get out the parking lot and home you would have enough time to take a nap and go to work  so of course the Mets or any team would not be stupid enough to schedule games at that time but for the championship of MLB they do and then wonder why no one is watching. Directions for viagra use  

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