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Cheapest viagra online I’m here today to praise the Skill Sets not burry them especially Freddy and Uncle Saul who I feel are the ones that have finally figured out that Little Jeffey needs a timeout and it’s time to let the smart guys run this franchise. Cheapest viagra online Listen, cheapest viagra online Jeffey doesn’t need to be totally out of the picture, cheapest viagra online he can still do inventory at the Team Store, cheapest viagra online or help cut up the peppers and onions for the sausage concession as long as he is out of the baseball ops I’m a happy Mets fan.

Cheapest viagra online With all this new found happiness with the new and improved front office will Mets fans be happy with whoever is chosen to be the Mets manager? It seems Wally Backman is the fans favorite but if all the reports are true, cheapest viagra online it looks like Terry Collins could be the leader in the clubhouse with his ties to DePo and Sandy Koufax but maybe Backman would be given the choice to be third base or bench coach? Same with Chip Hale. Cheapest viagra online  What about Old School Werthen? Maybe a return of The Jacket? Stay tuned!

Cheapest viagra online Rusty Staub has been named on the Hall of Fame ballot to be voted on by the Veterans Committee which has Ed Marcus leading the charge for enshrinement for Le Grand Orange.

Cheapest viagra online I agree 100 % that as soon as the Justice League of Flushing finds a field manager, cheapest viagra online the next move is to boot Ray Ramirez and his staff and hire some real honest to goodness physical trainers. Cheapest viagra online  Now that Omar (Rub A Little Dirt On It ) Minaya is gone and that scoundrel Charlie (Blackie) Samuels has been shunned, cheapest viagra online how is that Ramirez and his voodoo gets to stay?  

Cheapest viagra online The ESPN team of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are no more. Cheapest viagra online I never had a problem with Miller although he is much better as a radio announcer than a TV head and Morgan I won’t disparage as he is one of the best baseball players I ever saw (not so good at analyzing on TV though) ESPN has a chance to put two guys that employed by the WWL that would be a must listen for any baseball fan, cheapest viagra online put John “Boog” Sciambi and Bobby Valentine together in the Sunday Night Booth. Cheapest viagra online That would be downright entertaining.

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Buying viagra in canada I spent last night on Coney Island watching Wallyball and had the good fortune to meet up with Coop and Corey at the game. Buying viagra in canada We were all excited over our beautiful Ike Davis bobble heads, buying viagra in canada well not exactly bobble heads more like bobble torso.

Buying viagra in canada Greg Vaughn was also at MCU Park last night to see his son Corey play centerfield for the Cyclones and he was very cordial and accommodating to the fans signing autographs.

Buying viagra in canada The Cyclones lost 3-2 to the Hudson Valley Renegades but they still hold a 7 ½ game lead over HV in the McNamara Division and an overall 30-14 record, buying viagra in canada the best in the NY-PENN League.

Buying viagra in canada WallyBall in Queens in 2011 is gaining steam

Buying viagra in canada While I was getting my Ike Davis bobble head looks Luis Castillo was playing bobble ball last night. Buying viagra in canada The Mets are 7 ½ games back of the Bravos and 6 games ahead of the last place Washington Nationals.

Buying viagra in canada Now the Skill Sets are looking to enter the world of the Squared Circle? It might be a good thing for Mets fans if Jeffey Skill Sets sees himself as a Vince McMahon wannabe. Buying viagra in canada I’d love to see Jeffey get on a segment of Pipers Pit.

Buying viagra in canada MLB Umpires fuck up again this time with the Infield Fly Rule. Buying viagra in canada The beat goes on , buying viagra in canada the beat goes on.

Buying viagra in canada The Howard Megdal for GM has reached the WWL and in his column has some great ideas as usual but where Howard and I differ is in dealing for Prince Fielder, buying viagra in canada who I believe is in the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s Fattest Vegan (Prince must be drenching his veggies in vats of Ranch dressing) at the expense of Ike Davis. Buying viagra in canada NO NO 1, buying viagra in canada000 TIMES NO!!!!! By the way Howard Megdal will be my guest on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Radio Show on August 17th at 10PM ET. Buying viagra in canada And speaking of THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN, buying viagra in canada there will be no new show this week or next as I will be on Cape Cod enjoying the beach and trying not to become shark bait. Buying viagra in canada You can listen to previous shows on the show page on Blog Talk Radio or download the shows on iTunes. Don’t forget to vist the THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN store at Cafe Press. Buying viagra in canada Yeah that’s right I’m like a Hunts Point Ho’ on the stroll

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Super viagra Motivation to blog about the Mets is a real challenge today. Super viagra Everyday at the Winter Meetings is Groundhog Day. Super viagra But I guess there are a few moves that need to be addressed so here we go:

Super viagra Scott Boras has entered the building and I agree with Mike Silva, super viagra Boras needs the Mets to get in the mix for Matt Holiday just to drive the price up. Super viagra The Mets, super viagra Cardinals, super viagra Red Sox and maybe the Angels are Holiday’s best bets and with Boras blowing smoke up Mets managements ass about having the wherewith all to sign Holiday it’s quite clear that playing for a winning team is not paramount to Holiday signing a contract.

Super viagra “The Mets have a network and they have an infrastructure there that is, super viagra I mean, super viagra it’s a juggernaut economically, super viagra” Boras said at the winter meetings Wednesday afternoon. Super viagra “We’ve seen what NESN has done and they’ve become if not a multi-billion, super viagra over a billion-dollar franchise. Super viagra The YES Network is a multi-billion dollar network and franchise. Super viagra The infrastructure that they’ve built with the SNY network follows. Super viagra They’ve got a brand new ballpark. Super viagra They’re in New York City. Super viagra Their revenues are in the top three or four in baseball. Super viagra I mean, super viagra the New York Mets have a lot of choices. Super viagra And the Wilpon family is very successful. Super viagra Sure, super viagra the Mets can sign any player they want to if they so choose to.”

Super viagra There is nothing in that statement that you can argue with. Super viagra If you are a Mets fan, super viagra Scott Boras just did you the biggest favor of the off season by calling bullshit on the Mets inactivity. Super viagra Of course he doesn’t give a shit about you or me or any Mets fan but by calling out the ownership to get in the game, super viagra we owe him some gratitude.

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Super viagra The piece of baseball news I’ve heard so far these winter meetings was that Peter Gammons has left the WWL and will join MLB.com and the MLB Network. Super viagra I have had the pleasure of watching the Cape Cod League All Star game with Gammons a few years ago in Orleans and he was a real gentleman. Super viagra We not just talked baseball but he is a real encyclopedia of Rock and Roll history as well. Super viagra Congratulations Pete!

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Discount lowest price viagra Rumors are rampant that Baseball Prospectus could be bought out by the WWL and added to it’s family of web based content. Discount lowest price viagra Here at the Eddie Kranepool Society we are still very independent and plan to stay that way, discount lowest price viagra unless of course either Al Goldstein or Larry Flynt want to talk to to me about a buy out.

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Viagra testimonials In the latest missive from the WWL, viagra testimonials Peter Gammons is trying to sell the fact that the Skill Sets are not swimming in cash as it appears:

Viagra testimonials {The Mets don’t have the kind of money everyone thinks, viagra testimonials especially having to pay Billy Wagner $10M next season. Viagra testimonials They will spend to get a starter, viagra testimonials a reliever and a bat to supplement Ryan Church in right and the Daniel Murphy/Fernando Tatis platoon in left.

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Viagra testimonials No one knows what impact the economy will have on baseball, viagra testimonials especially in New York, viagra testimonials but someone is going to pay a price for the national debt increasing by $450B in October. Viagra testimonials The Mets are not going to jump over the luxury tax threshold, viagra testimonials so they will continue to build around David Wright, viagra testimonials Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran, viagra testimonials figure Mike Pelfrey will continue his quantum leap forward, viagra testimonials and do their best to fill in around them.}

Viagra testimonials So a team that owns a television station, viagra testimonials has a brand new ball park in the most populous city in the country and has sold all his suites and will draw a minimum of 3.5 mil fans has no money to improve the team? And tell me what the National debt has to do with the Mets finances? Sorry Gammo I’m not buying it. Viagra testimonials I’m not ready to go out and buy a pennant because I don’t think building through free agency is the answer but don’t you dare insult the Mets fan base and cry poverty. Viagra testimonials By the way to read the whole article you have to pay to read it.

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