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Safe for females to use viagra Seems the Mets can’t even get through a choose up game without controversy. Safe for females to use viagra  It was reported that Scott Hairston has re-aggravated the left oblique muscle that knock him out for the last month of last  season. Safe for females to use viagra We also found out that David Wright will be held out of spring games until Wednesday the earliest with a tweak of his left rib cage, safe for females to use viagra LHP Robert Carson had an injection to ease the pain of an injury to his intercostal muscle and then the news broke that Ike Davis has/hasn’t Valley Fever. Safe for females to use viagra Whew! I need two Tylenol just typing that out.

Safe for females to use viagra The reaction to Ike’s illness was a bit over the top as the blood test he took in Manhattan last week showed no sign of the disease but a Mets doctor felt he had the symptoms of Valley Fever. Safe for females to use viagra Ike says he feels great and doesn’t think this is a big deal, safe for females to use viagra if he feels fatigued he will let Terry Collins know and take a day off if he needs it. Safe for females to use viagra Right now he says he doesn’t so we move on. Safe for females to use viagra One thing though, safe for females to use viagra Sandy Alderson has to be a wee bit concerned if Ike has to take a day or two off a week if this illness is more than we think and having Justin Turner as Ike’s caddy at first base just won’t cut it.

Safe for females to use viagra Whenever I hear of a Mets players going down with a muscle pull or tightness, safe for females to use viagra I get very Jerry Seinfled-ian and clinch my face and fist and yell out “RAMIREZ”!!!! as in Ray Ramirez, safe for females to use viagra the Mets head trainer.

Safe for females to use viagra Three players, safe for females to use viagra three muscle strains one of which was suffered last year, safe for females to use viagra has to bring up a red flag about this training staff and it’s head guy Ray Ramirez. Safe for females to use viagra  I have no idea why the three have suffered muscle problems this early in spring but if I were the GM, safe for females to use viagra I’d have my head trainer in my office first thing in the morning and he better have a damn good explanation for why this happened.

Safe for females to use viagra Mets single game tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10AM and this season it seems the Mets will have a Concert Series after some games.

Safe for females to use viagra The first of the series kicks off June 15th with REO Speedwagon. Safe for females to use viagra Back in the day we referred to bands like this as “milk and cookie” bands just too sweet and safe for our musical taste and quite frankly they are still too sweet for my taste.

Safe for females to use viagra Now the second concert will feature Cheap Trick who I did like way back when. Safe for females to use viagra They always put on a good show as Rick Nielsen was very entertaining with his various axes and Robin Zander’ vocals were just near borderline milk and cookies but my favorite band member was Bun E. Safe for females to use viagra Carlos on drums. Safe for females to use viagra Carlos always had a Charlie Watts vibe about him I thought. Safe for females to use viagra  It is kind of sad to see that they have become post game entertainment in the twilight of their careers but its work I guess. Safe for females to use viagra This one I will make an effort to attend.

Safe for females to use viagra Mercy Me is the name of the third band and they will play on August 10th after the Mets-Braves game. Safe for females to use viagra I had never heard of this band and when I found out they are a Christian Rock band I knew why I had never heard of them.

Safe for females to use viagra You don’t really need Newsday to tell us that the Mets stadium revenues have been sliding every year since Citi Field opened in 2009. Safe for females to use viagra All you had to do was go to a game in July and August to see it up close and personal. Safe for females to use viagra Many games last year the parking lots there were so many spots that you could take up four of them and no one would complain. Safe for females to use viagra Many games I went to in that time span and sat in the Promenade and saw the only food concession open were the ones in the Promenade food court. Safe for females to use viagra Even if you didn’t come out to Citi Field and just watched on TV you saw all the seats behind home plate from dugout to dugout lacking ass’ in them.

Safe for females to use viagra But don’t worry Freddy and his Fins say, safe for females to use viagra it’s all good.

Safe for females to use viagra  

Safe for females to use viagra  

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Viagra in canada pfizer With Time Warner and Comcast reaching in to their deep pockets to help out their SNY partner the Skill Sets , viagra in canada pfizer it has all the earmarks of the old 3 Card Monte games you used to see around the ol’ Forty-Duce back in the day. Viagra in canada pfizer Instead of having a kid yell out “5-0!! 5-0!!” to warn that the cops were in route, viagra in canada pfizer I picture Jeffey standing on the corner playing chickey yelling “PICARD!! PICARD!!

Viagra in canada pfizer I guess it makes sense for TW and Comcast to help bailout the Skill Sets as the Mets are the main TV programing on SNY, viagra in canada pfizer speaking of SNY do you watch any of their programing other than the Mets or any Mets related programing? I didn’t think so. Viagra in canada pfizer I’m waiting for them to broadcast Classic Giuseppe Franco commercials. Viagra in canada pfizer Wouldn’t that be the kicker if old Joey ended up buying a share of the Mets?

Viagra in canada pfizer The Kid toughed it out last night as he headed out to see his Palm Beach Atlantic University baseball team open it’s season. Viagra in canada pfizer  A very bittersweet night is was as Carter hasn’t made any public appearances since his fight with cancer and with the tumors retuning who knows if he ever will again. Viagra in canada pfizer If you were shocked by the Carter’s appearance then I guess you have never had a friend or family member stricken with this insidious disease. Viagra in canada pfizer Consider yourself fortunate. Viagra in canada pfizer   

Viagra in canada pfizer Sunday is shaping up to be one of the great sports viewing days in a long, viagra in canada pfizer long time. Viagra in canada pfizer Start off the morning with Chelsea-ManU at Stamford Bridge at 10AM; follow that up with Grizzles-Celtics at Noon with a switch over to Rangers-Flyers at 1PM then a little break and head over for a Super Bowl party with some friends-A Giants fans only party I might add-for Giants-Patriots. Viagra in canada pfizer  Good thing I’ve been training for years for this kind of endurance test.

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Female viagra What will the Mets beat writers do?  This is not what they envisioned; they were all giddy with the awful start of the season so they could use their best material, female viagrathe team is broke, female viagra  the team can’t hit, female viagra the starting pitching stinks, female viagra how could Sandy Alderson think he could rebuild a bullpen with cheap knocks offs, female viagra and what’s with this manager ? All this positivity in the clubhouse, female viagra going to each player during the early season losing and giving encouragement, female viagra doesn’t he know he’s the manager of the Mets?

Female viagra I’m sure the beat men will find a way to get an ownership story or a slow ticket sale story in there some way today because why should we Mets fans have joy? Why should we think that this six game winning streak and the way they came back has put a jump in our step today, female viagra and have folks who know of our devotion to the Blue and Orange greet us with “I know your enjoying this” . Female viagra YES, female viagra yes I am and so are all Mets fans, female viagra even Daniel Murphy, female viagra who is the quintessential Met (on offense the fans yell, female viagra” YEAH MURPH”, female viagra on defense the yell “AW SHIT MURPH”) is getting tipsy with the success calling out 100 wins as the goal for the Mets. Female viagra As I say, female viagra I love Murph like he’s a cousin, female viagra but let’s not get crazy, female viagra I love the enthusiasm but YIKES!!!

Female viagra What more can be said about visually challenged  umpire Marvin Hudson’ and the horrific crime he committed against the Mets and Jose Reyes.  After my initial outrage and my simple response to this Tweet from David Lennon, female viagra I noticed from the many replays that not only was Reyes safe and his hand never left the bag but the way Reyes flipped out by tossing his helmet didn’t get him thrown out of the game, female viagra nor did Chip Hale who was Rodman-esque in his box out of Reyes but still got in position to scream in Hudson’s face didn’t get tossed and neither did Terry Collins who got in Hudson’s grill and bumped him when he ran to argue. Female viagra Add in that none of the other shitheads in blue came to Hudson’s defense, female viagra solidifies this major fuck up by Hudson.

Female viagra One thing about the call, female viagra it woke up the club. Female viagra Up to that point, female viagra this was a pedestrian contest  that feature a close to one hour rain delay, female viagra and a sparse crowd that was made up of mainly Mets fans  (on TV replays the whole lower bowl of Nationals Park seemed to be all Mets fans)  and Bob Ross R.A. Female viagra Dickey painting away with just a few happy accidents. Female viagra Then came “The Call” and then Danny Boy Murphy clocking a home run that had Gary Cohen make one of his classic “IT’S OUTTTTTTTAAAAAA HHHEEEEEEREEEEEEE” calls to tie the game.

Female viagra I know, female viagra I know Murph was a spectator on the “double” by Adam LaRoche (something I preach with my kids, female viagra no spectators on the field know where to should be on every play) but the ball was in Bay’s glove and popped out but what gets lost in the inning is the passed ball by Thole that advanced pinch runner Brian Bixler to third allowing him to score the go ahead run on Wilson Ramos Sac Fly. Female viagra Enough blame to spread around.

Female viagra I despise the Black jersey’s but I love the wins and if I have to put up the sight of dreaded black to keep this winning streak going then so be it, female viagra let the Mets be the Princes of Darkness. Female viagra     

Female viagra When Roger McDowell was a Met he was one big goof ball. Female viagra With all the crap that swirled around with the team you never heard anything negative about McDowell . Female viagra Now there is an allegation of McDowell making homophobic slurs and telling a man and his family “that kids don’t belong at the fuckin’ ballpark”. Female viagra If the allegations are true and I say IF and can be proven then the Braves will have to take some sort of disciplinary actions against McDowell. Female viagra  What I find unseemly about this is the alleged victim looks like he’s looking for a payday. Female viagra As soon as you hire Systerest to the Stars, female viagra Gloria Alldred you lose me as an ally. Female viagra If Mr. Female viagra Quinn went to the media with this, female viagra he’d have more creditability with me. Female viagra  McDowell has apologized for his actions but that won’t be enough for the Quinn’s, female viagra but I’m sure the apology with a nice six figured check would suffice. Female viagra  Everyone is a victim until the check clears.

Female viagra Dodgers owner for now, female viagra Frank McCourt , female viagrawas in the NYC to meet with officials of MLB about the fate of the Hollywood Bums. Female viagra After the meeting, female viagra McCourt was seen strolling along Prospect Park West in Brooklyn checking doorbells for anyone named Ebbits or McKeever.

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Viagra prescriptions Boy, viagra prescriptions did we ever need that? In what has become one of the worst season’s on and off the field in the history of the NY Mets, viagra prescriptions last night had to prove to the Skill Sets that, viagra prescriptions yes we have a history and an outstanding one at that.

Viagra prescriptions I was 11 years old (same as Gary Cohen) when the Mets became World Champions. Viagra prescriptions You see all the negativism and anger from this current Mets fans base? Well now picture the complete opposite of that and you have the feel for what it was like around here in 1969.

Viagra prescriptions Think of this for the first time in the history of newspapers the NY Daily News ran a COLOR front page just for the Mets. Viagra prescriptions The news also sold buttons with GO METS on them and every Sunday had portraits of Mets players as inserts in the paper. Viagra prescriptions Channel 9 the TV home of the Mets showed just about every game and all the games were on radio (WJRZ 970 AM) and Lindsey Nelson, viagra prescriptions Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner were the guys we brought into our homes for every game.

Viagra prescriptions The Mets were not just the talk of NY but of the whole country they were truly America’s team. Viagra prescriptions This was an organization that was looked at as loveable losers until the Quiet Man took over and put an end to that kind of thinking. Viagra prescriptions It was Gil Hodges who set the tone for the club. Viagra prescriptions As Mets fans we all know of the love and devotion that Tom Seaver had for Hodges, viagra prescriptions not an appearance goes by when The Franchise doesn’t invoke the name of Hodges his stories. Viagra prescriptions But the most told story about Hodges and his team always is about him taking out Cleon Jones during a game against the Astros on July 30 1969 for lack of hustle.

Viagra prescriptions During his time on the SNY broadcast, viagra prescriptions Jones told that the only Hodges and he knew what really happened that day. Viagra prescriptions Jones went on to say how Hodges didn’t yell or scream or get in his face he just told Jones that we can’t play like this if were going to win  and Jones realized right there that is wasn’t business as usual for the Mets. Viagra prescriptions Hodges meant what he said in spring training that the loser mentality stops here and now and Jones knew after getting lifted from that game that the team was destined to win.

Viagra prescriptions Some observation from last night’s ceremony:

Viagra prescriptions I love how Eddie Yost came out and was still giving signs, viagra prescriptions and leave it to Howie Rose to remember that Lindsey Nelson would always say “and Eddie Yost, viagra prescriptions the sign man is coaching at third base…….”

Viagra prescriptions Wayne Garret and Gary Gentry must have found the fountain of youth, viagra prescriptions both guys look like they could still play.

Viagra prescriptions You know you’re an old time Mets fan, viagra prescriptions when you not only can recognize Duffy Dyer but your happy as hell to see him.

Viagra prescriptions Here is the legacy of Yogi Berra, viagra prescriptions he is the only man other than the Pope who could get a standing ovation in both Highlander Stadium and $iti Field.

Viagra prescriptions I loved how the music of 1969 was intertwined with the introduction of the players but I wish SNY would have left the cameras on the players instead of showing videos of them in their playing day. Viagra prescriptions It’s called capture the moment fellas’

Viagra prescriptions The biggest ovations of the night were for Bob Murphy’s widow and for Ralph Kiner and rightfully so.

Viagra prescriptions I don’t I have ever seen Jerry Grote look so happy as he did last night. Viagra prescriptions I wish he was with the Mets in some capacity as that is what the organization misses an Grote like mentality. Viagra prescriptions I still can see him throwing back a ball to the pitcher at about 95 mph when he was pissed off at him for either crossing him up or not hitting his spot and non of the pitchers ever challenging him.

Viagra prescriptions I’m glad Gary Cohen mentioned Ken Boswell not being there and not being acknowledged on the field. Viagra prescriptions It seems Boswell had a falling out with the organization an declined the invitation to come. Viagra prescriptions This is where the Skill Sets are absolutely clue less. Viagra prescriptions With their track history, viagra prescriptions the Skill Sets are probably at fault here and should have made amends with Boswell to get him last nights ceremony. Viagra prescriptions Boswell too should not be so cranky as to snub this reunion as I’m sure he feels hurt that the Mets treated him wrong (join the club Kenny) but he may regret it for a long time not being at $iti Field last night.

Viagra prescriptions As it was in the beginning, viagra prescriptions is now and ever shall be, viagra prescriptions Tom Seaver is THE FRANCHISE!!!!

Viagra prescriptions There may be no more underrated sports performer in this town than Jerry Koosman. Viagra prescriptions The chant back then was “We can’t loose with Seaver and Kooz”

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