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Cialis overnight delivery While the Twitter-verse is blowing up over the Rays-Royals deal after just toweling off over Zack Grienke signing a 6 year $147 with the Los Angeles Dodgers (seriously are we sure the Dodgers weren’t bought by the U.S .Congress?) we Mets fans are like a bunch of street urchins staring at the bakery window praying that we can fill our empty belly’s with a day old bun.

Cialis overnight delivery The news out of Mets camp is about banners and bobble heads and circus coming to Citi Field instead of big strapping power hitting outfielders joining the big league club or the stay of execution of a Cy Young Winning knuckleballer and a couple of reliable relief pitchers. Cialis overnight delivery  It’s great that the Mets are putting tickets on sale earlier than usual but in all honestly before I buy a ticket for the performance I need to know who’s in the cast?  I’d love to go see Macbeth but with Pauly Shore playing the Scottish Lord I’d pass. Cialis overnight delivery   

Cialis overnight delivery I am trying to remain patient but as the days go on without any type of player movement, cialis overnight delivery I’m leaning toward the Yogi-isim of “it gets late early” which will soon lead me to my favorite axiom “shit or get off the pot”. Cialis overnight delivery  I really, cialis overnight delivery really want to participate in the season of Mets in 2013, cialis overnight delivery I have my discretionary income sitting in an empty Chock Full O’ Nuts can waiting to purchase tickets. Cialis overnight delivery I want to go to all the  Tchotchke Days, cialis overnight delivery I want to sit in Section 514 of the Promenade Infield with my scorebook on a warm summer day, cialis overnight delivery I live for these kind of moments, cialis overnight delivery and all I ask of the Mets is to make an effort to put out a team on the field that I can root for. Cialis overnight delivery  I just do not want to see a team where the majority of the roster is made up of players who rolled over and played dead for last four late summers. Cialis overnight delivery I’m not asking much and I’m willing to pay in U.S. Cialis overnight delivery currency for it.

Cialis overnight delivery So many people are killing Dayton Moore today for trading off Wil Myers Baseball Americas Minor League Player of the Year and P Jake Ordorizzi the #1 and # 3 prospects in the Royals system along with two other lower ranked prospects  for pitchers ” Big Game” James Shields and Wade Davis. Cialis overnight delivery For all the heat Moore is taking, cialis overnight delivery I have to give him props for having the balls to be bold. Cialis overnight delivery He’s not standing by he’s taking a shot by adding a consistent top of the rotation starter in Shields and a reliable reliever in Davis.

Cialis overnight delivery If we have learned anything from the last couple of post seasons, cialis overnight delivery the team that is playing at its best in August and September are the teams that make the big post season runs. Cialis overnight delivery Teams like the Mets who think the season ends at the All Star Break each season are left to lament how to get better. Cialis overnight delivery It’s December 10th and right now the Mets are not any better than they were when the season ended. Cialis overnight delivery So far it’s “it gets late early “but we’re not far from “shit or get off the pot”

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Real cialis online I don’t know about you but after hearing the news of Mike Pelfrey’s name getting added to the DL and that he’s now packing his bags for a date in Birmingham with Dr. Real cialis online Andrews, real cialis online my focus was on Johan Santana and how sound his left shoulder is. Real cialis online Oh I know most of you were obsessing over Jose Reyes’ first at bat, real cialis online quite frankly it was much ado about nothing, real cialis online yeah some booed, real cialis online some cheered but Reyes first at bat ended with Kirk Neuienhuis telling Jose “Bite Me” with his outstanding catch to save at least a triple, real cialis online but I digress.

Real cialis online See it’s not the fact that Big Pelf looks to be done for the season that has me edgy , real cialis online it’s the next injury to a starting pitcher that’s giving me the shakes, real cialis online  the Mets can pop in a Chris Schwinden for Pelfrey and not really miss a beat, real cialis online but if another starting pitcher goes down, real cialis online then what? This is the byproduct of lack of depth in your upper levels of your farm system. Real cialis online If another starter were to go down then either Garret Olson of Jeremy Hefner would be next on the list. Real cialis online So now would be a good time for ownership to show the fan base that they have the resources to add a pitcher and go contact Roy Oswalt’s agent and see what it would take to bring him to NY . Real cialis online It’s time for Sandy Alderson and the Skill Sets to get pro-active before the next starting pitcher hits the DL. Real cialis online If they don’t, real cialis online the Mets will be entering into the Yogi Zone where it gets late early.

Real cialis online Okay are we done with the cross examination of Jose Reyes’ first rip to Citi Field as a Fish ? He came, real cialis online you cheered, real cialis online you booed, real cialis online you shrugged. Real cialis online In fact it was a fitting tribute for Reyes last night as there were just as many fans  for his return as there was for his departure at Citi Field. Real cialis online The Mets showed a little video tribute and no baby seals were killed. Real cialis online Let’s move on shall we.

Real cialis online The message was sent to Ike Davis by Terry Collins last night, real cialis online produce or grab some pine and for all of you who were flabbergasted by the move, real cialis online grow up this is big league baseball not Little League. Real cialis online If Ike doesn’t straighten out soon he’ll be a Bison in a couple of weeks.

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