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Levitra versus viagra Sorry for the lack of posting at the site the last couple of days. Levitra versus viagra I spent my weekend at Camp No-Be-Bosco just outside of Blairstown, levitra versus viagra NJ on a camping trip that had everything you’d want in winter camp out, levitra versus viagra snow, levitra versus viagra cold and a 2AM run to the latrine, levitra versus viagra ahhhh……… yes the great outdoors. Levitra versus viagra The camping trip and the New York Football Giants incredible post season (not to mention the best New York Rangers regular season in many an year and trying to come to grips that the great run of the Big 3 of the Boston Celtics looks over) run has greatly distracted me from the comings and goings of the New York Mets .

Levitra versus viagra Again Eli Manning has proven you can be tough, levitra versus viagra fearless and a leader without being a rah-rah screamer.

Levitra versus viagra I guess Tom Coughlin can make that big purchase he’s been putting off as he is the Giants head coach until he deiced he doesn’t want to be Giants head coach anymore. Levitra versus viagra Who knows what move TC will make if the G-Men win the Super Bowl?

Levitra versus viagra I’ll admit it, levitra versus viagra I never thought the Giants would go on this roll especially after the loss to the Redskins on December 18th  but thanks to the Jets and the 99 yard Victor Cruuuuuuuuuzzzz TD, levitra versus viagra which TC said was the turning point, levitra versus viagra I started  with the “what if’s” in my mind. Levitra versus viagra But of course that dominant Mets fan gene that I possess always makes me brace for the worse.

Levitra versus viagra With all the analysis that goes on about the NFL to the point you’re numb by game time, levitra versus viagra last night’s game broke it down to the games simplest form. Levitra versus viagra If you turn the ball over multiple times and can’t convert 3rd downs on offence, levitra versus viagra good chance you’re going to lose. Levitra versus viagra If you are plus in the takeaway column and convert those takeaways into points, levitra versus viagra chances are you’ll win the game. Levitra versus viagra  

Levitra versus viagra Like a baseball team that is strong defensively up the middle is most successful, levitra versus viagra in the NFL you’re only as strong as your offensive and defensive lines. Levitra versus viagra The Giants offensive line has been very good for the most part in keeping Eli Manning upright, levitra versus viagra but last night they allowed him to take a beating. Levitra versus viagra Plus this OL has a tough time getting the running game going, levitra versus viagra albeit Brandon Jacobs could do better than he does. Levitra versus viagra What has been the big push in this playoff run is the DL especially a star is born, levitra versus viagra Jason Pierre-Paul. Levitra versus viagra  Without that DL playing at the level it has, levitra versus viagra which has taken the pressure off an injury riddled secondary, levitra versus viagra has led to a defensive resurgence that Giants love and cherish.

Levitra versus viagra Saturday night the NY Chapter of the BBWAA held their annual dinner and Gary Carter was the recipient of the “You Got To Have Heart” Award which was accepted on his behalf by his children. Levitra versus viagra Thinking of you Kid.

Levitra versus viagra Lots of chatter about what cap Mike Piazza will wear on his Hall of Fame plaque. Levitra versus viagra Piazza himself has said he wants to enshrined as a Met. Levitra versus viagra Since he played more games as a Met (972) than a Dodger (726) it’s only right he wears a Mets cap on his plaque. Levitra versus viagra I’m sure with Freddy Skill Sets being Uncle Bud’s favorite nephew the word will get to those in Cooperstown to etch that Mets cap on Piazza’ head.

Levitra versus viagra As for the writers not voting Piazza into the Hall on the first ballot, levitra versus viagra I think they know if they don’t vote Piazza, levitra versus viagra they will end up like Murray Chass, levitra versus viagra just a broken down old bitter blogger grazing on a farm.

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Usa cialis The New York Football Giants are back in the Super Bowl Tournament after a wonderful ass kicking of the Dallas Cowgirls at GIANTS Stadium last night. Usa cialis So now it’s on to the Tournament and the Atlanta Falcons come to the Swamp. Usa cialis The Atlanta offense will a huge test for the G-Men D, usa cialis so for the first time in a long time, usa cialis I’m hoping for a good ol’ fashion Nor’Easter to hit East Rutherford, usa cialis NJ on Sunday

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Viagra tablet weight Rumors were flying again yesterday that Jose Reyes signed with the Flamboyant Fish but those rumors seem premature but it looks like the Mets are going forward in the post-Reyes era by letting it known that #Imwith28 will be given the 2nd base job and team with Ruben Tejeda to secure the middle infield. Viagra tablet weight In the name of the father…… The major problem with #Imwith28 is his two best spots on defense are filled by I Like Ike at 1B and D-Wright at 3rd. Viagra tablet weight Too bad #Imwith28 wasn’t a catcher, viagra tablet weight hummmmm there’s an idea.

Viagra tablet weight Chris Jaffe informs us this morning that today is the 25th Anniversary of Freddy Skill Sets becoming the sole owner of the New York Mets buying the rest of Nelson (make mine a) Doubleday controlling interest. Viagra tablet weight In his column, viagra tablet weight Jaffe, viagra tablet weight informs us that the Mets have played just a tad over .500 ball since Freddy’s takeover (2, viagra tablet weight017-1, viagra tablet weight962 1962? Oh the irony) but have an overall losing record since 1989. Viagra tablet weight Enjoy your Monday.

Viagra tablet weight You load sixteen tons, viagra tablet weight  what do you get?

Viagra tablet weight  Another day older and deeper in debt

Viagra tablet weight   Saint Peter don’t you call me cause I can’t go

Viagra tablet weight    I owe my soul to the company store

Viagra tablet weight  

Viagra tablet weight Look, viagra tablet weight I’m a fan of the New York Football Giants and you’re a fan of the NY Jets and we’re both upset today after how our teams fared yesterday but my question to you today is would you be surprised if the Patriots won the Super Bowl? I wouldn’t unless of course their played the Giants in the big game ‘cause the G-Men got the Pats number. Viagra tablet weight Oh and how about BB HC of NEP telling the J-E-T-S defense to felaite him? Oh my!

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Brand viagra without prescription buy I was all set to read a bunch of Mets stuff today and write a nice post on what I missed since I was gone for the week but to tell you the truth I’m exhausted.

Brand viagra without prescription buy We boarded our flight from Orlando at 7PM last night figuring we’d get into Newark by 9:30 or so and get home by 10:30-11:00, brand viagra without prescription buy no bad at all. Brand viagra without prescription buy Well, brand viagra without prescription buy that didn’t go as planned. Brand viagra without prescription buy We sat on the runway of Orlando Int’l Airport for an hour and fifteen minutes with screaming babies and the nastiest flight crew that JetBlue could find (gee, brand viagra without prescription buy I’m sorry I asked for another bottle of water, brand viagra without prescription buy but I’ve been sitting here for over hour, brand viagra without prescription buy you Grand Pa Munster lookalike old fucking hag, brand viagra without prescription buy so make it fucking tolerable will ya?) so by the time we landed in Newark and headed to the long term parking lot which I believe is right outside Atlantic City, brand viagra without prescription buy it was about a quarter to one when we stepped into the house. Brand viagra without prescription buy By the time we get all situated and browsed a week’s worth mail and then caught up on some baseball highlights, brand viagra without prescription buy it was 3AM when I collapsed in bed.

Brand viagra without prescription buy I did wake up in time to see ManU storm back from a 2 nil deficit to take the FA Community Shield (a kind of Mayor’s Trophy Game) from Manchester City , brand viagra without prescription buy 3-2. Brand viagra without prescription buy The EPL gets under way next weekend as does NFL pre-season (this looks like a very long season for us fans of the New York Football Giants, brand viagra without prescription buy the over/under on Bill Cowher to the Giants in 2012 stories is at  1, brand viagra without prescription buy237 ) and baseball is headed toward the dog days of August, brand viagra without prescription buy only to emerge into the September Pennant races and post season. Brand viagra without prescription buy It’s a great time to be a sports fan.

Brand viagra without prescription buy So now I need to shower and get dressed and head down to St. Brand viagra without prescription buy George to watch the Cyclones-Highlanders game which is a part of my Father’s Day gift (all games between the Cyclones and Highlanders) thankfully it’s a 4PM game so I can come home and get my mind ready to go back to work tomorrow. Brand viagra without prescription buy There is nothing worse than the first day of work after a vacation

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Viagra cheap canada I didn’t watch one pitch of yesterday’s Mets-Phillies game. Viagra cheap canada With opening Sunday of the NFL in full swing and the New York Football Giants on Ch. Viagra cheap canada 5 and Tom Brady and the Pats on Ch. Viagra cheap canada 2, viagra cheap canada there was no reason to move the dial any further. Viagra cheap canada Oh I didn’t blow off baseball altogether, viagra cheap canada by 4PM I was ready for the Giants-Padres game and the match up of Tim Lincecum and Matt Latos, viagra cheap canada in fact my baseball viewing from today on will include watching the Giants, viagra cheap canada Padres, viagra cheap canada Rockies, viagra cheap canada Rays, viagra cheap canada and the on the downward spiraling Highlanders.

Viagra cheap canada It hit me around 7PM last night when I didn’t even know that the  Mets lost to the Phillies 3-0, viagra cheap canada that the NY Mets franchise has collectively climbed in the Mr. Viagra cheap canada Peabody and Sherman’s Way Back machine and have arrived at 1979.

Viagra cheap canada What year 1979 was. Viagra cheap canada I was 21 years old with more hair than I knew what to do with (give me a moment please………………………..sniff! sniff!……………..ok back to the post) hanging out at Max’s Kansas City and CBGB. Going to the Palladium to see The Clash and Graham Parker and the Rumor (The Palladium was a great venue, viagra cheap canada first time I ever saw Bruce Springsteen ad the E Street Band was there in 1976, viagra cheap canada YES I SAID 1976!) I spent my winters and spring watching the NY Rangers from Section 432 in my Blue Seat all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals where they lost to Les Habitants but at least the Blueshirts beat the Icelanders as that was the year that no good scumbag Denis Potvin took out Ulf Nilson and the POTVIN SUCKS Chant was born.

Viagra cheap canada More to the point of this post though, viagra cheap canada 1979 was the year the NY Mets drew 788, viagra cheap canada905 live bodies to Shea Stadium, viagra cheap canada less than 10, viagra cheap canada000 a game (9, viagra cheap canada621 to be precise) and I can not remember if I were a part of that 788, viagra cheap canada905-details are very hazy-but I’m sure I was because it was Richie Hebner’s one and only season as a Met and I remember him giving Mets fans the finger. Viagra cheap canada I also remember it was Ed Kranepool’s last year. Viagra cheap canada I remember Bob Murphy telling the tale of Ed Glynn a relief pitcher who also hawked hot dogs at Shea as a youth. Viagra cheap canada The one bright spot of ’79 was that miserable, viagra cheap canada no good, viagra cheap canada saboteur of the franchise; M. Viagra cheap canada Donald Grant was no longer around, viagra cheap canada dumped by Lorinda de Roulet after the 1978 season. Viagra cheap canada But the team still sucked.

Viagra cheap canada Right after the season, viagra cheap canada de Roulet thankfully sold the team as she had no clue on how to run it, viagra cheap canada she sold it to the dynamic duo of Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon and the rest as they say is history.

Viagra cheap canada Myself and many Mets fans lived through 1979 and not only was it not fun but it was painful. Viagra cheap canada Painful because of what could have been. Viagra cheap canada What if Tom Seaver was never traded ? What if Joan Payson wasn’t sick and then dying during the advent of free agency with that asshole Grant advising her ? Remember Mrs. Viagra cheap canada Payson had no problem spending money on her team, viagra cheap canada in fact when the Mets were born in 1962 she told Horace Stoneham that she wanted to buy the contract of Willie Mays and money was no object. Viagra cheap canada What would have happened if Whitey Herzog would have been named manager after the death of Hodges instead of the overmatched Yogi Berra?

Viagra cheap canada As much as I would to re-live 1979 all over again I wouldn’t want to relive the Mets season of that year as the Mets were so bad no one cared. Viagra cheap canada At least we still care, viagra cheap canada we still have passion for this team, viagra cheap canada though it’s mostly negative, viagra cheap canada it’s still passion. Viagra cheap canada Let’s hope the right moves are made for a new GM and manager and that deadwood and players who don’t like it here are sent off, viagra cheap canada no matter the cost monetarily. Viagra cheap canada It’s time to restore some pride in this organization but I’m not optimistic the people in charge are intelligent enough to pull it off. Viagra cheap canada All Jeffey Skill Sets needs to do is start collect batting practice baseballs, viagra cheap canada clean them and use them again and he’d be Linda de Roulet all over again.

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Female pharmaceutical viagra Ok, female pharmaceutical viagra now that Christmas and New Years are over, female pharmaceutical viagra time to get back to work. Female pharmaceutical viagra That means you Omar Minaya. Female pharmaceutical viagra It’s nice that Jason Bay is going to turn his head and cough for the Mets quacks and the cold cut platter from King Kullen will be laid out at the Shotgun Shuba Room at $iti Field by tomorrow but until Omar and Co. Female pharmaceutical viagra sign or trade for at least two legitimate starting pitchers, female pharmaceutical viagra well just call me under whelmed.

Female pharmaceutical viagra The Sports God’s must really hate me my guts. Female pharmaceutical viagra First, female pharmaceutical viagra they torture me all summer with the Mets and then they tease me with the New York Football Giants going 5-0 and then amp me up with a game against the undefeated Nawlin’s Saints only to get the ass handed to them. Female pharmaceutical viagra From that game, female pharmaceutical viagra the season went down the shitter. Female pharmaceutical viagra Now the Boston Celtics, female pharmaceutical viagra the one team I root for that shows any heart and fight, female pharmaceutical viagra are now bitten by the injury bug. Female pharmaceutical viagra Down goes Paul Pierce, female pharmaceutical viagra KG, female pharmaceutical viagra Marquis Daniels, female pharmaceutical viagra and my man Rondo. Female pharmaceutical viagra The NY Rangers either win or lose games 2-1 depending on whether Marion Gaborik scores 1 or 2 goals. Female pharmaceutical viagra My only hope for a good run through the playoffs are the C’s as long as the PP, female pharmaceutical viagra KG, female pharmaceutical viagra and Rondo can stay on the court.

Female pharmaceutical viagra Let me add my voice to the “Bring David Cone to SNY” campaign. Female pharmaceutical viagra Talk about your no-brainers. Female pharmaceutical viagra Coney in studio and as a back up to Mex and Ron Darling is a perfect fit. Female pharmaceutical viagra In fact how about letting Gary Cohen get a day off or two and put Mex, female pharmaceutical viagra Darling and Coney to do the play by play. Female pharmaceutical viagra  Com’on SNY this one is on a platter for you guys.

Female pharmaceutical viagra A must see today is this post from The Mets Police, female pharmaceutical viagra with a exquisite collection of Mets Pennants. Female pharmaceutical viagra It makes me think back to when the vendors would be outside Shea with  souvenir boards filled with pennants, female pharmaceutical viagra buttons with action shots of Mets players, female pharmaceutical viagra and key chains with Mr. Female pharmaceutical viagra Met on them.

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Best price viagra As I get ready to watch the New York Football Giants play the Carolina Panthers, best price viagra in what could be the last game at GIANTS Stadium, best price viagra I got to thinking how I have no emotional attachment to that Stadium like I had with Shea Stadium, best price viagra when the last summer of Shea was a six month wake.

Best price viagra Now maybe it’s that fact that I’ve spent many more days at Shea than I have at Giants Stadium, best price viagra even though I’ve been to many games there in the past 34 years but there is just not that attachment to the Meadowlands like I had with Shea and from the looks of things, best price viagra I don’t think many Giants fans do either.

Best price viagra A lot of that non-emotion has to do with the fact that there are a lot of Giants fans who have never been to the Stadium. Best price viagra Think about that as Mets fans. Best price viagra For years, best price viagra there was a huge waiting list for Giants season tickets, best price viagra in fact season tickets were left in wills and estates to carry over from family to family. Best price viagra I’ve been lucky between my brothers and friends, best price viagra I usually get to 2 games a year at Giants Stadium but there is a huge population of Giants fans who have never seen Big Blue play live and in person.

Best price viagra

Best price viagra When the Last Days of Shea were upon us, best price viagra the blogs and news media outlets were full of stories by Mets fans of the joy of growing up going to games at Shea Stadium. Best price viagra For all the complaining we Mets fans did about Shea from leaky pipes, best price viagra to floods in the bathrooms, best price viagra to no concourse space and on and on, best price viagra when the last day at the ball park came, best price viagra we cried like babies. Best price viagra Something tells me there will no tears shed for Giants Stadium today. Best price viagra I guess that’s one more reason why baseball is better than football, best price viagra much more emotional.

Best price viagra Another Giants related story that had me thinking Mets was the story in the News about Wellington Mara and the day Giants Stadium opened and how happy he was that the Giants finally had their own home. Best price viagra Mr. Best price viagra Mara ran the Giants for years and when his nephew Tim Mara joined him in ownership, best price viagra the team took a downward turn. Best price viagra I remember my brothers debating the Wellington/Tim Mara spilt as Wellington wanted to build through the draft and Tim was more of a showman and wanted to go after big name players and thus there was a huge spilt. Best price viagra It wasn’t until Pete Rozelle stepped in and told both Mara’s for the good of the NFL they needed to find someone to run the football operations of the team, best price viagra and get the Giants back as NFL title contenders. Best price viagra Isn’t that where the Mets are today?

Best price viagra Freddy Skill Sets is not involved in the day to day moves of the Mets, best price viagra he has turned the team over to his son Jeffey, best price viagra who in turn has David Howard, best price viagra the noted house shyster as his consigliore, best price viagra neither one of them know anything about running a baseball team. Best price viagra They have a lame duck GM in Omar Minaya and a lamer duck manager in Jerry Manuel and now have a team with assets of close to $1 billion dollars but a team that no one wants to play for and is disrespected through out baseball.  What they need is a George Young, best price viagra a guy to come in a run the baseball ops the right way, best price viagra with a plan to build a solid foundation. Best price viagra This is not some small market; pocket the revenue sharing, best price viagra type of franchise. Best price viagra This is a franchise with outstanding financial and fan support resources, best price viagra what it lacks is leadership and until young Jeffey and Shyster Dave are removed from the day to day doings of the baseball end, best price viagra the Mets will continue down the path of failure.

Best price viagra The fan base is not just angry but hugely disappointed in the direction this franchise is headed. Best price viagra The easy thing to do is abandon ship but we never will, best price viagra this team is too much a part of us to that. Best price viagra Guys like me have to much invested here, best price viagra but that doesn’t mean as fans we just sit back a take it.

Best price viagra I’d love to sit here and wave blue and orange poms-poms and praise the signing of Kelvin Escobar and R.A Dickey and Ryota Igrashi but there is so much more that needs to be done and I don’t have any faith in the front office to get it done.

Best price viagra I feel sorry for Omar Minaya. Best price viagra His biggest mistake as GM to me was hiring his friends into top jobs. Best price viagra It doesn’t work. Best price viagra From Tony Bernazzard to Ramon Pena to Bingo mgr Mako Oliveras to Julio Franco to Luis Aguayo they all failed at their jobs and they all failed Minaya. Best price viagra Now some of you are saying “see too many Latinos” but if you can look past your bias, best price viagra you’ll see it’s more of guys that Minaya grew up through the ranks from player to scout to front office person throughout baseball that he surrounded himself with and it could just cost him his job. Best price viagra Add in the fact that Minaya is real old school when it comes to evaluating talent and maybe his way of thinking is outdated in today’s baseball.

Best price viagra Ownership and the front office can try to con us with “the team will be better as all those who were injured will be back healthy “ propaganda but their non-action speaks louder than words and the really need to do something to stem the tide of pessimism that they have cast over the franchise.

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Brand viagra professional When it comes to thinking about the New York Mets this past weekend, brand viagra professional my mind was like a car stuck in the mud, brand viagra professional just spinning my wheels. Brand viagra professional Seriously it’s hard to come up with any more ways to analyze Jason Bay and a 5th year (isn’t every year now that the Mets are desperate to sign a big name and have to always over pay in either years or money? I thought the signing of Pedro Martinez, brand viagra professional Carlos Beltran and the trade and signing for Johan Santana was supposed to end that and make the Mets THE team that players wanted to join?) or if Ryan Garko or Garrett Adkins would make a great tag team partner for Daniel Murphy or if Matt Capps or Mike McDougal would make the best set up man for Frankie Rodz or if Ben Sheets, brand viagra professional Chin Ming Wang or Justin Duchschere would be the best slightly damaged merchandise scrap heap signing or how Omar will fill the four other spots in the starting rotation, brand viagra professional but we have talked about these moves almost as much as the NY Post has obsessed over who Tiger Woods has been banging.

Brand viagra professional  

Brand viagra professional My mood is very, brand viagra professional very glooming today due to the awful defensive display put on by the New York Football Giants last night against the Iggles from Philly. Brand viagra professional With the Dallas Cowgirls losing to the San Diego SuperChargers (if it’s December you know it’s wintertime and the Cowgirls will choke) and a big fuck you to Flozell Adams who if he played in the Staten Island Touch Tackle Football League (of which I played in some 30 years ago, brand viagra professional 30 YEARS!!!!!! HOLY SHIT)  would be in a hospital recovering from reconstructive surgery on a knee, brand viagra professional for being a cheap shot bitch, brand viagra professional but I digress……..what a time for the Giants D to come up small and for the special teams to fall apart as well. Brand viagra professional Oh, brand viagra professional an a word to Iggles Coach Andy, brand viagra professional (more Chins than the Hong Kong phone book) Reid, brand viagra professional your fat ass will not be going to the Super Bowl so enjoy your win over the Giants, brand viagra professional only coaches who haven’t won shit would chest bump with their players after a regular season win.    

Brand viagra professional  

Brand viagra professional Can you feel the holiday spirit just oozing out of me? After that Giants game last I got to think of all the teams I root for which gives me the most of my rooting interest, brand viagra professional Here are the candidates:

Brand viagra professional  

Brand viagra professional New York Mets

Brand viagra professional  

Brand viagra professional The first sports team I’ve ever rooted for and the team that gives me the most aggravation. Brand viagra professional More the way the ownership and front office go about its business is what infuriates me as the Mets are the only team I root for that does not embrace it’s history, brand viagra professional in fact the owner not only had to be shamed into honoring the teams past but is shocked that the fan base is so adamant in celebrating the history of the team. Brand viagra professional  Freddy Skill Sets ain’t exactly Tevye, brand viagra professional you know what I mean?

Brand viagra professional  

Brand viagra professional New York Giants

Brand viagra professional  

Brand viagra professional I got involved rooting for the Giants as a kid when I started playing football at age 12. Brand viagra professional My oldest brother had season tickets for the G-Men and I got to go once in awhile (at Highlander Stadium no less) and then my other brother became friendly with the Mara’s though business so it was a natural progression to become a Giants fan. Brand viagra professional Back in the 70’s, brand viagra professional the Giants were not very good but I was a kid and my older brothers were Giants fans so I went with the flow. Brand viagra professional But then came the 80’s and the G-Men were the cream of the NFL crop (thank you George Young and Bill Parcells) then it became cool to root for Big Blue. Brand viagra professional The Mara’s also celebrate the teams history fully as they have owned the team since it’s inception in 1925 and it doesn’t hurt they are proud Irish-Americans as well.

Brand viagra professional  

Brand viagra professional New York Rangers

Brand viagra professional  

Brand viagra professional No one in my family were hockey fans when I was a kid and now there are still no hockey fans in my family today but me. Brand viagra professional My relatives always said I was a little “different” but growing up my neighborhood in Brooklyn was a hockey hot bed. Brand viagra professional We had the finest roller hockey rink in the city on 53rd St and Ft Hamilton Parkway (it’s still there by the way) so as teenagers we spent a lot of fall and winter days playing hockey, brand viagra professional and of course we were Ranger fans. Brand viagra professional Saturday nights on Ch 9 were Rangers Hockey Night (your Schaffer Circle of Sports) I got to see Brad Park, brand viagra professional Eddie Giacomin and my all time favorite Ranger, brand viagra professional Walter Tkachuk play in their famous Blue sweaters. Brand viagra professional Again there is strong tradition with the Broadway Blueshirts as they were an Original Six (I love that title Original Six!!!!!!) While I watched the Rangers on Ch 9 and listened to them on radio, brand viagra professional I didn’t go to a Rangers game until I was 18 but the first hockey game I saw in person was a NY Raiders of the WHA game at Madison Square Garden back in 1973 (I was 15 and a bunch of us hopped the on the Sea Beach to Manhattan with our G.O cards and got blue seats for the Raiders for a couple of bucks, brand viagra professional the Raiders played at 1 PM and the Rangers at 7:30PM. Brand viagra professional We thought about finding a hiding place in MSG until the Rangers game at night but figuring we never told our parents about our field trip to Manhattan, brand viagra professional they might not be too happy if he didn’t come home until 11 PM or so) I held Rangers season tickets for 10 years but with a wife and two kids, brand viagra professional it’s hard to go to 40 games a season and when you can’t make the games and have to eat the tickets, brand viagra professional it gets quite expensive, brand viagra professional but I was there to see the Rangers win the Stanley Cup and remember the banner in the Blue Seats that night “Now I Can Die In Peace” Of all the fans in this city no fans are more loyal than the Garden Faithful of the Rangers.

Brand viagra professional  

Brand viagra professional Boston Celtics

Brand viagra professional  

Brand viagra professional I know what you’re saying, brand viagra professional “No Knicks?” No. Brand viagra professional Again every Sunday in the winter, brand viagra professional I’d watch the NBA on ABC with Chris Schenkel and Jack Tyman and it seemed every Sunday, brand viagra professional the Celtics were on TV. Brand viagra professional Sure I watched the Knicks on Ch 9 (WOR Ch9 was our sports channel only the upper crust in Manhattan had something called “cable tv” ) but I was mesmerized by John Havlicek, brand viagra professional JoJo White, brand viagra professional Coach Red Auerbach and the great basketball player of all time, brand viagra professional Bill Russell. Brand viagra professional Plus, brand viagra professional I thought they were all Irish because of the shamrock, brand viagra professional green and well they were the Celtics. Brand viagra professional Of all my rooting interests, brand viagra professional this team has won the most championships and I know a lot of fans hate the team and its fans for that fact. Brand viagra professional Tough shit!!!!!!!! It is weird though when I go to MSG to see the C’s dressed in my Celtics regalia and Knicks fans yell at me to “go back to Boston” and I yell back “I’m from Brooklyn, brand viagra professional asshole” Classy, brand viagra professional I know

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How much is cialis in canada Not much to say today other than to thank the New York Football Giants for ending the NFL season for us Giants fans last night with that embarrassing display. How much is cialis in canada For the first time in his Giants Head Coaching tenure, how much is cialis in canada Tom Coughlin looked lost on the sidelines as he teams playoff hopes went down the drain. How much is cialis in canada Not to worry Giants fans help on the offensive side is on the way as Charlie Weiss will be back in E. How much is cialis in canada Rutherford as the OC.

How much is cialis in canada Big tip of the Blue Mets Cap to Shannon Shark at Met Police for the first released pictures of the new, how much is cialis in canada old, how much is cialis in canada same Mets pinstriped jersey that looks exactly as the one I bought three years ago that hangs in my closet.

How much is cialis in canada Hopefully some time today I will see this jersey up close and personnel as the plan was to up and out by 9AM for Christmas shopping but my daughter has decided to engage in a marathon sleeping session so our attack of the Paramus Mall is on hold.

How much is cialis in canada Oh well, how much is cialis in canada with the football season done here in NY , how much is cialis in canada I guess all we can look forward to is the big Elmer Dessens press conference to announce his re-signing .

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Cialis Next Day Delivery

I love nothing better than going to a sporting event. Getting cialis from canada I don’t just go to games; I always keep score at baseball games. Getting cialis from canada I love to keep track of line changes at hockey games. Getting cialis from canada I keep track of the time and score at basketball games when the starters come out and the bench guys come in.


When I go to any sporting event I get there hours before the start as I love watching warm ups. Getting cialis from canada There is nothing better than watching batting practice. Getting cialis from canada My family can’t understand this how I can sit in ballpark and watch guys hit a baseball and field fly balls. Getting cialis from canada There are still the few die hards that line up at ball parks and arenas like me for the gates to open but I think these days it’s becoming a lost art.


My wife was stunned this past winter when I turned down tickets to see the New York Football Giants play the Iggles at the Medowlands. Getting cialis from canada I turned it down because I weighed the pros and cons and the cons won. Getting cialis from canada The pros were a day with friends, getting cialis from canada watching my favorite football team in person, getting cialis from canada getting a better idea of various formations on offense and defense and having a general good time. Getting cialis from canada The cons, getting cialis from canada it’s cold, getting cialis from canada too much down time with game stoppage and TV timeouts, getting cialis from canada and sitting in insufferable traffic. Getting cialis from canada Then when you add in at home you have your own HDTV, getting cialis from canada no lines for the bathroom, getting cialis from canada attendants (children) and a big comfy chair when you think about it you have be nuts to go to the game.


I bring this up because I saw to day that STUBHUB has a ton of tickets on it’s site for the exhibition games this weekend between the Mets and Red Sox. Getting cialis from canada The strange thing is these games SOLD OUT in 45 minutes or so we were told. Getting cialis from canada It looks like the bulk of the tickets went to the secondary market, getting cialis from canada you know the new business that used to be called scalpers. Getting cialis from canada


It will be a trend to watch this season with both the Mets and Highlanders to see if fans after their first trip to the new ballparks get that “been there, getting cialis from canada done that feeling” and pass up paying big money to go to a game to spend big money.


When you think about it for what you pay for tickets to a game plus food, getting cialis from canada souviners and other incidentals (it’s always those damn incidentals that will get you) and gas and tolls is it worth it? With the state of the economy, getting cialis from canada if you are fortunate enough to have discretionary funds put aside do you spend it on a day at the old ball game or a weekend at the shore?        

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